Learning Continues with Strong Community Support

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Learning Continues with Strong Community Support

As we transition into a new semester, I want to continue to encourage our students, teachers, staff and community to stay strong and remain unified in our efforts to do whatever it takes to ensure every child succeeds. We must commit to work as hard as we have ever worked before so we can close the social, emotional and academic gaps our children have experienced in this pandemic. I want to continue to encourage our parents and families. This has not been easy and you have had to take on more than you ever have before. However, we must remain unified to stay the course and we will get through this together. 

Coming back in the 2nd semester  will require all of us pulling together to keep the health, safety and success of our students at the forefront. Although we will continue to face challenges, I am confident that our teachers, staff, administrators, parents and community will continue to be flexible, resilient, and committed to do whatever it takes to make this 2nd semester successful for our students. Our teachers have already started planning focused interventions, enrichment strategies and personalized learning support to help close the learning gaps for students. We are going to buckle down and work harder than we have ever worked before. Therefore, I am calling on each of us to step up and do what it takes to fill these gaps for our children. It will take a unified effort from everyone so moving forward we will be reaching out to volunteers, graduates, current students and others to support tutoring efforts in our schools. 

The beginning of this school year was one that we have never faced before. However, through every challenge faced, our teachers and staff remained solution driven, and committed to find a way through those challenges. And I am confident we will move into the 2nd semester with the very same drive. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on various social, emotional and academic challenges, it has also brought new innovative opportunities for teaching and learning. As we transition into a new semester, those opportunities will continue to be enhanced so that we can move our students forward, successfully. Our recent testing participation percentages in 3rd grade through high school has shown the amazing dedication of our administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents. Through everything that we faced in the first semester,  the students participation rate for these tests should be highly commended. We are so proud of each and everyone of you who played an integral part in making this happen.

We appreciate the Board of Education’s unwavering commitment to our students, staff, and entire school community during the COVID-19 pandemic.The Board and district staff will continue to monitor the health data and make adjustments as necessary.  Fridays will remain as “All Students Remote Instruction/Mandatory Teacher Workdays" as long as we have students participating in 100% remote instruction.  

As always, health and safety remain at the forefront for everyone. We ask that you continue to be diligent in practicing the 3W ’s and continue to stay healthy. We will get through this together and once this pandemic is over, the Duplin County Schools community will be stronger than ever.