Special Thanks To Our DCS Family!

A picture of the words, Thank you with a red heart

It is so hard to believe that the end of the 2023-2024 school year is approaching. Our entire school family has worked so hard this year, and I am so proud of everyone’s relentless drive to finish this school year strong. From our amazing cafeteria staff who serve our students each day, to our custodians, bus drivers, support staff, teachers and administrators, and every one that works with our students in some way, I say, thank you! Your commitment to the success of our children has never waivered. Thank you to our Board of Education, our families, communities, and business and industry partners that support us in our efforts to make sure that our students succeed to their highest potential. There is no way that we can do this without all of you. 

Our teachers continue to serve faithfully at the forefront, and I am so thankful for their dedicated commitment to our students and families. Let’s take time to share our appreciation for all they do each day to help our students learn, thrive, and grow. A teacher’s role is endless and their work is never done. We must continue to support them and lift them up in every way, just like they do for our students each day. Their value is immeasurable and they deserve to be respected for the role they have been called to serve. 

As we approach the end of this school year, let’s take time to not only reflect on our successes, and improvements that we have made, but let’s reflect on the challenges that we have faced and how we overcame them. The education profession and life itself is not easy, as they certainly come with their share of obstacles. But in spite of those, we remain dedicated to our children and families. Through prayer and God’s amazing grace, we will continue to get up each morning, thanking God for blessing us with the mission to serve, educate, and love his children and each other. Duplin County is a very special place, and I am so thankful for everyone that He has placed in our school system. We will continue to stay committed as “One Family” and keep working hard, so that our students get the quality education that they deserve, no matter what.  

Your humble servant,
Austin Obasohan