Good evening, Panthers, this is East Duplin High School calling with this week’s events and reminders.  As of this time, we don’t have anything major on this week’s calendar.  This is a good thing because we have less than five weeks of instructional time left before final exams.  We need to take the remaining time that we have to focus on our school work.  Students, please make sure that you are completing your assignments each day in each class.  Parents, please look at your student’s PowerSchool grades to make sure that you are happy with what they look like.  If you have any concerns, it would be better for you to reach out to the teacher right away.  We understand that not all parents have login information for PowerSchool.  However, even if you don’t have direct access, each student should be able to log in and show you what their grades look like.  Remember, there is less than five instructional weeks left.  Let’s make the most of this time that we can.  That’s it for this week’s events and reminders.  As always, thank you for your continued support of our great school.